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Hello from claggy, clayey Essex

What a great find this forum has been. I have been browsing for a few days and found it useful so thought I'd dive in and sign up.

I garden for a living and do a lot of grow your own in my own time and at work so I may be able to be of use in the gardening forums but other areas seem to be a goldmine of info for padding out my 'I will do that one day' dreams!

I'm about to start a project making hot beds warmed by horse manure which seems like just the thing the members here would be interested in so over the coming weeks I will share my experiences in the GYO forum as its totally new and experimental to me too...

Hello from sunny Devon hello2

i used raw manure under a topsoil for overwintered salads in a large plastic cloche. seemed to work well ,priming it with "mixture" see archive helps fermentation

historically used for fruit etc in glass houses

Hello Smile

Find yourself some Victorian glasshouse manuals, they were into hot beds Laughing

Hello and welcome from Asturias... Very Happy
Green Rosie

Bonjour from sunny France - and it's been a while since I was able to say sunny Laughing

Hello from almost equally claggy Sussex. Used to be a bloke on the allotment we had in London that built a mahoosive hot bed every year to grow pumpkins in. About four foot tall. Always had the best crop of squashes on the allotment.

Hello from sunny France (for the time being)

how I miss dear old claggy Essex.........
Nicky Colour it green

welcome Smile
Liz in Ireland

Welcome from soggy Ireland Very Happy

Welcome Smile

We have tons of horse poo. There must be a way of building a bed above it to catch the heat, and still allowing fresh poo to be dumped there.

Reckon you'd also want glass above to keep the heat?
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