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Hello from Derbyshire, UK

I just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Adam from Derbyshire and I'm looking for volunteer work in Bulgaria. My goal is to understand what it takes to live the rural lifestyle, and the financials of living in Bulgaria.

If anyone could point me in the right direction of those individuals that offer such opportunities it would be highly appreciated!

All the best,

Hi Adam. We did have a member called Bulgarian Lily, but she hasn't posted for a while. I'll see if I can bump one of her old threads.

Here we are! There may be some useful links in here, but bear in mind it's a very old thread!

Hi Adam, I've just joined up for helpx as a (UK) host. Looking at the website there are people all over the world looking for volunteers.
Barefoot Andrew

Hello Adam. Nell Merionwen and I are in Derbyshire too... although we're not looking for volunteer work in Bulgaria Wink

Hi Smile

Also not in anyway Bulgarian. But Hi anyway!
Nicky Colour it green


hello im not bulgarian in any way either but i do know both that and where the highest state of bulgaria located is in derbyshire.

it is a small unstable ledge on the edge of hades in a quarry on the side of stanton moor.

Hello and welcome. Smile

Thanks for the welcomes and comments.

BulgarianLily is providing me with some highly useful information. Very Happy
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