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hello from the darkside

this dpack message is now being delivered via a rather new machine which so far has been reasonably easy to get working .

gulp, the last time I got a "new" one was about ten years ago, when it broke I went back to scrapheap challenge and the steampunk server still has many good points.

this thing has doubled my , bad , typing speed in minutes and has some rather nice touchy feely stuff as well

the os and the machine seem to work well together, an os that can have a chat with me is nice so long as it is helpful and not intrusive

I need to carry on setting up and learning what it can and should not do but so far I rather like it

it does have some top end abilities and seems quite instinctive, I think I got it to liase with my phone which is a bit of a new situation and I got here with adblock , ghosty and scholar that I put on the "local " browser.

tomorrow is another day Laughing

I wonder how I turn it off Laughing Laughing Laughing

Laughing Laughing Laughing

Hello DPack's new machine, welcome to DS Very Happy

I wonder how I turn it off Laughing Laughing Laughing

I have just acquired my first smartphone and at 12:30 this morning I was trying to stop 3 pieces of music playing simultaneously on face book, had to pass it to my PA.

this was far easier than going from phone to smartphone.

best advice I have re smart phone is ask somebody under 35 yo, it is my goto of choice, I don't worry about the " hey ho old folk look " if it gets it working.

at least ds is relatively easy to migrate from one machine to another, some things require remembering ( or looking in the book * )for passwords.

* individual strong online passwords are hard to steal directly and only have one use
remembering them is hard to impossible but few folk burgle for passwords and a multi use/easy one is easy to steal online and use.

many, decent ones and write em down is pretty secure .
you can put them in a password safe but that is more likely to be compromised than a scruffy note book in a pile of stuff Wink

I don't know if phones do it but the if this machine is missing shall I find it option seems sensible.

Yes you can do that with phones DPack. I think some people even use it to locate their kids.

i will try to set the phone for that as well , thanks.

tech I love it but it always surprises me with simple but unknown features when I upgrade a couple of generations in one jump Laughing Laughing

today is mostly try to get the camera to chat to the pooter n phone but first I need to migrate some passwords and bookmarks from Linux firefox to this machine which might or might not be simple. it probable won't be if i'm doing it Rolling Eyes

hello from switzerland Laughing

internet explorer and bing were getting tiresome even if ie is good at liasing with lots of devices and common apps it is crude and the limited search engines thing is bad

this is firefox with duckduckgo and a rather neat proxy , tis a trial of the full one at the mo but if the free version has a few decent ones that helps a lot with some things .

i don't usually need to be somewhere else but it is handy at times.

hello from japan Laughing

that has gone for the mo, i know where to find it if i need it Cool

I hope you enjoyed your trip around the world? Very Happy

If I remember rightly, in Firefox you can unmask your passwords somewhere in the settings.

i will have to fire up the steampunk server and migrate them

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