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Hello from West Wales

Hi all,

Have been reading Downsizer for a while, but just started to post on the forum so thought I'd introduce myself Smile

I started studying at Aberystwyth University in 2004, met my husband there and decided we liked the area so much that we've stayed - now living a couple of miles inland from Aberaeron in a little house on a hill that needed quite a lot of work when we moved in two years ago (still needs some more!). Live just round the corner from threeravens Smile

I've been growing my own herbs, fruit and veg for a few years now and recently got my first chickens. Love foraging, particularly for mushrooms yum yum. The wish is to one day have enough space for a bigger veg patch, a polytunnel, a few weaners and my ponies (who live at my parents' a few miles a way for now). More hours in the day to do everything I'd like to do would also be nice Smile

Hello and welcome from Asturias... Smile

Welcome Very Happy

Croeso from just outside Cardigan...and I work at the university Very Happy
Nicky Colour it green

welcome Smile

Welcome aboard. Very Happy

Hello from Devon hello2
Penny Outskirts

hello2 hello

Hello there!


hello from just over the road probably

hello from just up the coast to Aberaeron. I too started Aber uni in 2004 and met my hubsand there too Very Happy
What did you and your husband study?

Has to be said though I'm hoping to move away.. though it is a lovely area, just grew up round here so time to go. I always miss the area when I'm away working, nothing beats it so far.

Lots of helpful advice on the forum, and lots of people from this area.
welsh veg grower

ho from down the road in lampeter
Green Rosie

Bonjour from France Very Happy

Thanks for all the welcome! Nice to find so many people local to me as well! Very Happy I'm living in Neuaddlwyd, near Oakford, but doing a PhD at Aber Uni (pony genetics) Wink
Pel I did Equine Science, and haved so far stayed with the subject area, but my husband did International Politics, but his other interest is cars and that's what got him his job (Parts Manager in the Renault garage in Aber). Mary-Jane what department in the Uni are you in? Very Happy
TTouch Homestead

Hello from a bit further down the coastline... Very Happy

Hello from South East Wales. Monmouthshire area.

Mary-Jane what department in the Uni are you in? Very Happy

Law & Criminology Department. Based in the Centre for Legal Practice.

Hello from south wales Laughing
there seems to be a few of us here in Wales Laughing
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