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Hello from yolise

Hello all,

My boyfriend found your site via a Mambo tutorial, but funnily, we could have run across it hundreds of times as we are keen DIYers.

I've enjoyed the projects and am looking forward to reading more of them and maybe adding some of our own projects. I tend to document some of my projects on my website, but of course, the readership is rather small. Just me, I expect!

Anyway, hello!

Hello and welcome, be warned it's addictive and occupies far too much of your time if you let it! Laughing

Welcome to our site yolise, it's always great to see new people join in. Very Happy Once you've had a look around please let us know what you think.

Hello Yolise, welcome to the site! Very Happy

Hello and welcome Very Happy
I'm sure your site will be getting more hits...
But don't let that stop you posting here!
Mad Dad


Give us the web address then so we can all have a look

Mad Dad, You'll find it if you click on the www sign at the bottom of Yolise's post Very Happy
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