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hello, i'm new..need gluten-free breadmaking advice

hello all,

I happened upon your site while looking for information on making gluten-free breads using a manual way and not breadmaker. My recipe calls for a breadmaker and already gave mine away. thanks for your help.

Welcome aboard. Very Happy Someone will be along with an answer soon.

Welcome. I can't help, but others will. Jo and Chez, I'm pretty sure will have some ideas. But there'll be others.
Nicky Colour it green


I'm coeliac and use a Panasonic bread maker with prescription flour and it makes a nice loaf. When using it with commercial GF flour it turns out very dry loaves. After 15 years of GF bread the only type I make by hand are crumpet types using a mix of gram flour and M&S GF flour with yeast, baking powder salt and water but I never measure quantities and they turn out ok for using as a flatbread type bread but cook in a dry frying pan otherwise they soak up the oil. Some people use buckwheat pancake type mixes which are ok. We also use quick cook polenta with quickly fried rosemary, garlic and chilli added then allow to cool in the fridge then cut into strips and fried. If your feeling flush then UDI's GF bagels from Tesco ( 2.20 for 4 ) are a rare treat. Hope this helps

wave Hello. I will get my personal chef to put up the recipes he uses!

I know little about Gluten Free bread, but I do know that Xanthan Gum can be used to improve the crumb to stop it being crumbly. I know it's readily available in Sainsbury's.



Hello from Devon

Hello and welcome. Smile
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