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Hello - it's been a while!

I'm sorry, I kind of drifted off and then couldn't remember my username here - I'm guessing as it's allowed NinnyNoodleNoo that I must've had dottyspots.

Anyhow, I think it may have been a few years and in that time I've had my ex husband walk, been made temporarily homeless, met a lovely OH and have a small baby. Still around Doncaster, though.

Looking forward to popping back now and again and seeing what people are up to/getting ideas/etc.

welcome back...when were you last on here? Smile

We certainly have had a dottyspots. Hello and welcome back anyway Very Happy

What variety of small baby?
Rob R

2009, it's funny but I thought dottyspots was a name I'd seen around recently. How times flies. Congrats on the good bits. Smile

Yes, it certainly has been a while!

Baby was of the female variety and she's just hit the 5 months mark (time really does go so fast!)

Hiya, and welcome back to Downsizer ! Very Happy

Hello there!
Nell Merionwen

Welcome back Smile


Hello again! Laughing
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