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Steve M


Hi everyone,

Excellent website here loads of really useful info 4especially for someone like my self who is making the first tentative steps in to a more self sufficent way of living.

My name is Steve and I live in Bedford with my wife and son. I have been growing my own veg with varying success for the last couple of years and even made my own cider last year (which was really good!).

I still have loads to learn and am some way off from getting that small holding I dream of....

No doubt I will be after loads of advice from you guys!

Cheers for now

Blue Sky

Re: Hello

Steve M wrote:
I still have loads to learn ....

We all do!

Welcome Steve, make yourself at home here. Sounds like you are the type of guy that will make a very good downsizer.

Have fun, we are all here to help each other. Smile


Welcome again, nice to have youngsters on the site Wink

Hiya Steve and family, great to see you! Very Happy

Yaaaay another Steve !! Welcome Very Happy

Hi Steve - a warm welcome to you and your family.

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