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I've stumbled upon this forum when looking for something about coppicing, I've been looking for a forum like this for a while.

I'am a agricultural labourer at the moment and I've always had a interest in the countryside and living off the land.

I live in a house in the suburbs but the countryside is 5 minutes walk away and as well as working in it my family also rents some ground.

I've kept many species of animals but I'm quite interested in turning some land over to crops and coppicing.

It's nice to find a forum where my "nerdiness" with countryside topics may actually be welcome. Very Happy

Welcome aboard. Very Happy

Hello, and welcome

ooo where abouts in the Peaks... left middle top bottom? We're in the centre give or take an inch or 8 Very Happy

Oh and Hello Wink

Hello, and welcome! hello2

Croeso from South East Wales Smile

Hi from soggy Devon hello2

Hello hello2
Green Rosie

Bonjour from France Very Happy

Hello from South West Michigan. Smile

Welcome! wave

Hello from south wales...
Nicky Colour it green

welcome Smile

Hello from south wales...

And from mid-Wales. Croeso!

Hello from south wales...

And from mid-Wales. Croeso!

And from West-Wales Very Happy

Hello and welcome from Asturias... Very Happy Marches

Thanks for the welcome everyone. Just out of curiosity, how is there such a large amount of people from Wales on here? Very Happy Chez

There aren't, I don't think. They just talk a lot Smile.

(I used to be one!)

There aren't, I don't think. They just talk a lot Smile.

(I used to be one!)

We were told to move in order to redress the balance Laughing

Hi from across the sofa from Chez Smile

Wales is so lovely ,full of cheery muddy wet folk who like to share on one time we seemed to talk the most out of the rest of the world decided that they could talk lots too and started to be more sharing of thier muddyness...we are in danger of being out posted sometimes. Very Happy
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