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I live in the SW and I grow lots of beetroot.

That's it really.

Welcome aboard. Smile

welcome Very Happy

Thank you.


We'll be on to you for recipes then? Laughing

I am more interested in the fuel possibilities in general, but there have been one or to hiccups along the way. Cooking-wise I haven't gone much beyond pickling it. My best 'recipe tip' would be to eat pickled beetroot with cold boiled potatoes in a sandwich with mayonnaise and a lot of pepper.

My partner does however make some ferociously strong beetroot wine.

Why beetroot?

Hello hello2 welcome in!

Why beetroot?

I ask myself that question every day.

Roast beetroot. Food of the gods.
Nicky Colour it green

welcome Smile

Why beetroot?

..because you can never have enough. It's like Rhubarb really. Laughing

Welcome Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

Never pickled just boiled for me as much as I can get, it's good for high bp Went

Did you know Beetroot is called Remolacha de mesa (sugar beet of the table) in Spain - well there you go.

Hello and Welcome from Asturias.... Very Happy
Green Rosie

Bonjour from France - tips needed for growing beetroot as mine all but failed this year and last year Sad bubble

Re: Hello

I live in the SW and I grow lots of beetroot.

That's it really. I live in Beds and I and my other half eat about 1- 2 kilos of beetroot a week as a salad with wine vinegar ,olive oil ,capers onion, rocket, and sometimes garlic gardening-girl

I`m down in Somerset,and I love beetroot Laughing Laughing Pel

Hello, I love beetroot too, but only seem to eat it with salads, unsure what else to put it in (other than roasting it). I havent tried growing it though.
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