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I used to post on here as Sfolati. I was the one that lost my house to an earthquake but had lots of animals to look after.

I now have a new house but am animal free. The dogs don't count as animals, they are people, as any fool knows.

I hope that this time I can be a positive contributer? to this forum.

I intend to flog- the best of British- winter food to Italians.

I, I've just realised that every sentence starts with 'I'. It's all me me me.


welcome back Very Happy

Welcome back. Smile
Green Rosie

Re-bonjour Very Happy

Hello again. Nice to see you back. Very Happy
Rob R

Good to see you back, how the devil are you?

Very nice to see you back. So are you still in the same place? How are you going to sell your food? Market stall?

I'm well, thank you for asking. I, we, are really well.

We've built a lovely house, all paid for by the EU earthquake fund. We feel very lucky.

Next on our list is to crack on with ducks and hens, we miss them. Best though that we wait for a while and stock up in the spring.

How are you! How are your cows?

Hello Hungrydog, glad to see you back.

Hey up fella!
Welcome back! Very Happy

I wasn't here when you last were, so have a fresh hello from Dorset Smile
Rob R

How are you! How are your cows?

Well, thank you. I can't remember when the last time we were in touch but Anne (daughter) is now 18 months old, walking and talking fairly coherently.

The cows found it very hard after the flooding and a long, hard winter and cold Spring. A few didn't survive but the majority just scraped by and the grass came just in time for calving. This year we've rented more land as insurance and made about 4 times as much forage, so hopefully this winter will be a little easier on the wallet and the nerves. Had some amazing support from old and new customers, without which we would have been bankrupt by now. The pigs have gone, which has helped with finances & the workload, and we managed to get the new cattle shed habitatble by Christmas, which made caring for them about 10 times easier.

Greetings from Berkshire & welcome!

What a dreadful experience to lose your home that way but thank goodness you now have a comfortable replacement. Where are you based as we are new and we didn't knpw you before
Nicky Colour it green

welcome back wave

Hello again

Very nice to see you back. So are you still in the same place? How are you going to sell your food? Market stall?

Yes, still in Italy. They built our house on the same spot as the old one.

We are going to open- hopefully in the next few weeks- a little 12 seater restaurant. There is a covered area at the front of the house that is perfect.

In the summer we intend to do Tex Mex food, outdoors, for about 40 people at a time.

Also we are going to sell buns, cakes and chocolates from a little shop that we will rent one day a week, market day. It's a lovely little shop, like a cabin. In Italian it's a capanna
The shop will be called 'Dolce in capanna'

Welcome back. Good to hear that you are enjoying a fresh start.
Very best of luck with your new adventures.

Welcome back.........good to have projects on the go sgt.colon

Hello and welcome.......back. Smile Went

Welcome back, glad to see you are getting sorted. Kariana

I didn't know you before so hello!
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