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Just thought I'd pop in and say hi 😀.
I have been here briefly before actually a few years ago but am back under different circumstances for one reason and another. I am hoping to embark on running my own smallholding in the not to distant future, once I've found the right place to buy or rent. I'm considering going back into chickens which I've done before and as a keen crocheter (I'm not sure that's an actual word) I am thinking about branching out into possibly angora goats. Not expecting to make millions but need a plan that will bring in a bit of pocket money.
Other than that I am hoping to get out of this hectic lifestyle I'm living now where my work takes over everything, and instead work hard for me, doing the things that make me happy. I'd like to grow more and maybe raise a few animals for meat (we've done a few pigs before).
So anyway that's me, hoping to chat to a few like minded folk while I but together some sort of viable plan for the future and hopefully put it into practice 😊.

hello ,chooks and pigs etc is very nice as a place to start a plan.

Welcome, it all sounds like a good plan

Welcome wave

Thanks for the welcome.
Piggyphile, is that your piggy? We have three and I love them. Such fab pets!
Mistress Rose

Good luck with it. Look forward to hearing how you are getting on.

Welcome from Ayrshire in Scotland Smile
Hope your plans succeed.
Which county/country are you in?

Welcome from mid Wales, let us know how you progress.

Hi all, I'm in Nottinghamshire at the moment, though houses with a few acres seem few and far between here!

Thanks for the welcome.
Piggyphile, is that your piggy? We have three and I love them. Such fab pets!

we also have pigs ,there have been many over the years but at the mo we only have olive croutons and miriam dustpoodle ,when i was a kid i had more than i could count as they were rather free range and tt had 14 after 4 new ones arrived expectant .recently i think 7 was the maximum tribe.
g pigs are my big pig substitute at the mo as we are too urban for eating porkers which i decided i really like as critters as well as dinner when helping out around the farm.

Hello & welcome

Had a little look at available property in our area today and it looks like we are going to need to up the budget a little more than we had thought😕. Next step is finishing touches to the current property, then get it valued. Then we will know how much we have to play with.

Till then I will have to practice the bit I'm not so good at - growing stuff! In our tiny veg plot. That'll be tomorrow's project to sort out then! Also along with starting to think about some sort of business plan I think seeing as it looks like we will have a hefty mortgage to cover!
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