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HELP! Building a Wormery

Hi everyone, I am sharing an allotment with a friend for the first time, and want to build a wormery to keep there.

I have been reading on the internet and could reallly do with someone who can clarify things for me... some wormeries have a tap, some are in levels, some have gravel, some have sand...

I have a large plastic box ready to be wormified, and a drill to drill holes. I also have some gravel, but I dont know if sand is better. I dont know whether to put drainage holes in the bottom or not. Also what most websites dont say is how deep the layers need to be...

Please help a confused newbie!! Shocked

This one has step by step guide with the amounts needed of each substance

This one has the amounts and is more indepth as how to put it together what to expect and when

They both look pretty straight forward Very Happy hope they help

Thank you! Those are really helpful! I have decided on my layers, and have acquired some dendrabaena worms from the local angling shop. Down to the allotment today to construct it all! I'll take some photos and post a link.

Thanks again...

Okay hopefully all is going well now!

This is my allotment photo blog, where I have posted the photos of my wormery today!

Its a whole new adventure for me, so thanks for the help!

Morgan Smile

oh that looks very industrious - glad it was of some help Very Happy
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