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Help choosing air-rifle needed...


I am just getting back in to rifle shooting.

The range these days seems somewhat larger and more confusing than when I last owned an air-rifle.

I am looking for a resonably priced rifle that will cope with some rabbit hunting.

Beak barrel or underlever? (Looks like pre-charged are a bit for me..)

What scope would you recomend?

Please remeber this is Downsizer not 'Pimp my Rifle' !!!!! So no 500 uber setups please. Rolling Eyes


I too went for a spinger (no, not a clever hound) due to cost and reliability. There are some cheap pre-charged rifles about now but you still need extra kit to charge and I also know a few people with problems with the charging system and regulators so I think I'll steer clear. Have you thought of going second hand?

Break barrel or underleaver, I've not used many but when I looked for mine the break barrels seemed lighter which is a consideration if you are going to carry it around the field. However, breakbarrels have less room for a scope which may not be a problem if you are not looking at long range target shooting.

Not sure what scope to go for but I would suggest buying the scope mounts from the makers of the scope as I've found some mounts can damage the scope. Confused I've also had trouble with getting my rifle through mail order so I'd also suggest picking one up direct from a shop. It may cost more but you can check it over before handing over any money.

When you do get one the accuracy does depend a fair bit on the pellets used. I thought something was awry with my shooting until I change pellets and reduced the group form about 6 inches to about 1! Some companies sell few pellets each of a large array of makes for you to try or you could ask around to borrow some (when Santa arrives PM me and I'll post off a dozen of each of the brands I have).


My main quandry re break barrel vs under/side lever....don't know if you can still get side levers...


With a break barrel the scope is NOT securely fixed to the barrel, it is attached to the receiver. Whereas is a lever cocking rifle, the barrel/receiver and scope are all attached to each other.
Unless the break barrel goes back exactly where it was before you cocked it, then surely the pellet will not go in the same direction.

Maybe I'm expecting a problem where there isn't one....

Thanks again for the pellet offer, sounds mutch better than having approx 499 pellets that shoot like Roberto Carlos! Shocked


I have both and find the underlever nicer to use. Look out for a second hand Air Arms TX200 (inc carbine) they are deffo the best springer rifle out there, can be had from 180 upwards.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Last weekend I visited my local gun shop.....and......bought...a ....second-hand. ...... Wiehrauch HW77K.

Was very impressed in the shop, test fired it out back, was hitting tin cans from 15 yards, with no scope and no sights.

Got a decent 4x9x40 scope with it all in for 200. Just need to track down a silencer.

From what I have read the TX200 and the HW77K are neck and neck for the best springer title.....unless you consider the HW97K...but I couldn't afford one of those. Laughing

OH liked all the safety features, plus, it is heavy enough and the spring strong enough, that the skiddywinks wouldn't be able to pick it up and cock it, for some years to come! (Not that they would be allowed to anyway.)

I will be constructing a floodlit range in the garden this weekend, so that I can get in some practice during the week.
It is dark when I leave for work, and it is dark when I get home.

Good choice. I bought a secondhand one last year, looks like new and works very, very well.
Try the following for anything else related.
They are extremely helpful on the phone, I bought a silencer from them and scopes.
Happy shooting, pls take out some of those Grey Tree Rats!


I have a HW77K too.

Best pellets seem to be RWS Superdome or FTT. Smile

Personally I think the Air Arms is better made, not many things you can say Britain is best at any more but when it comes to air rifles British is best

I've got A Weihrauch HW 95, with a Hawke 3-9 X40 scope, I bought a webley pro system sound supressor ( silencer) you have to remove the fore sight and file off the mounting "ridges", makes a difference to the sound, i modified mine with a piece of filter foam wrapped around a spring, slid into the end of the silencer, seems to make a bit of difference.
Treacodactyl wrote:
... when it comes to air rifles British is best

I love to buy local but my experience of another British air-rifle manufacturer hasn't been that good. Poor quality and poor service. I wasn't surprised to read they had gone bust the other day. Confused

which one?
Marts wrote:
which one?

Webley & Scott Ltd have gone into administration. I guess that's who he means. Smile Crying or Very sad

Yep. The rifle has been reliable but poorly finished IMHO. Some problems are just cosmetic, like the fit of the stock and poorly cut chequering, which I can put up with, but the breach was also scratched. The worst thing though was when I took the stock off and noticed one of the metal brackets that hold the stock on had been half drilled in the wrong place. Confused Webley were happy to take it back and repair it but it was the third attempt at being sent one by a dealer so just put up with the problems.

That's why now I would buy any rifle direct from a dealer so I can check things over thoroughly.
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