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Help I Need More Land

hi everybody iv'e just recently purchased a theoban rapid 7 .22 air rifle and after having it turned down to the legal 12ftlb and using it on the small bit of land i have access to (mainly to zero and target shoot for ranging) i'm looking to get back into stalking but with me being posted away from my local shooting hole trying to find a good plot of land and gaining the permission of the owner is proving difficult. Most owners i've spoken to would be more than happy to have a experianced soldier stalk on thier land but after an essesment their land isn't really fit to shoot over.. ( too much live stock or too many civi's walking close by) is there any land owners out there that have a good plot, preferably wooded? I Would be more than happy to have a interview with any land owner in and around the somerset (bath), Wiltshire area to discuss possible fireing permission.. i look forward to hearing from any responce and advice on this matter... Keep hunting

Hmmm. Perhaps a different username would be more reassuring for people considering allowing you access to their land with a firearm.

I thought that. Hope you find somewhere.

Red Indians can't do anything about their birth names. Very Happy
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