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Help with HACCP.

I`m writing up the HACCP for my new pickle/preserve/jam venture.
So far,the areas I`ve included are,
Ingredients,contamination of & control.
Packing,hazards & control.
Labelling & Storing.
Its been 10 years since I worked in catering,and I`ve possibly forgotten something important.

This sounds like a job for Pilsbury to me.
Who was that masked cook?
I don't know but he left an impeccable HACCP.

Pickles, preserves and jams are fairly straight forward for haccp as they are pretty low risk all round, let me have an email address and I will send you my template that I designed and we can go through the steps that are involved and then you analyse the risks in each step, how to minimise them, check them and then what to do if its out side your set limits.

I can see that you start at ingredients but you need to go right back to supply, where you get the ingredients from and check they are supplying something safe for you to start from, it's really not as difficult as it sounds because all wholesaler a and retailers must have a haccp policy and a rating from eho, if they are checked by them then its fine to use them.

I will be needing to do one for my "cake empire" soon so I am watching this with interest.

Again cakes should be pretty straight forward with so much sugar and fat around it makes for quite a low risk product, it's only really when you get into fresh cream and raw eggs( mousses and the like) it gets a bit more of a problem but didn't someone pookie?? Do mail order cakes , she might have a fully written one but you still need to be a able to read and understand it.

Got your mail Pilsbury,bit of work for the weekend.
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