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Allen And Linda

Help with shrooms please

Can anyone help with ident please, have tried John Wright and Roger Phillips but cannot get ident we are confident with.

Found in pines just north of Bristol there were loads of these. The are gray in colour, and they are everywhere.


Allen And Lin

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I don't know I'm afraid. I've moved the post from Fishing to Foraging though.

They look like Clouded Agaric (Clitocybe nebularis)

See wikipedia here

Were they growing in a ring?
Allen And Linda

Hi Otley Lad

No, they were spread out in clumps of two or three.

i have seen those somewhere,not food unless proven to be food.i suspect not .

sorry ,i decided ages ago to only learn food or good poison as my mind is full of stuff and there are too many to name for fun Rolling Eyes

Sorry not a lot of wonderful eating- or we''d know !

White gills is always a warning to me although there are some which are good.

Def. Clouded agarics --Clitocybe nebularis
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