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Hi all

Just wanted to say hi to everyone. What a great website and brilliant to see so many like-minded people interested in sustainability and self-sufficiency.

I'm very jealous Twisted Evil of most people on here who have their own land and animals etc, at the moment I'm in New York City (but originally from Staffs/Cheshire) in a small apartment with just a small window ledge to grow a few things on!

When we come back to the UK and cobble some money together to buy some land I hope to be well informed after reading these forums!


PS anyone going on any city breaks to NYC is welcome to ask for tips!

Welcome to Downsizer !

Hello from SW Michigan Cool
Mr O

Welcome fron Nova Scotia. Laughing

I spent a few weeks in NY in the 70s on a school exchange...


Hello and welcome from Asturias... Smile

Hi from Devon hello2

Croeso from South East Wales Smile

I've got an allotment now, but once I only had a window box like you...just keep growing! Cool

welcome from Liverpool/Bulgaria
Green Rosie

Bonjour from France Very Happy

Hellooooo! Smile

Hello, from (near) home! hello2

hi there .specific and general
we dont all have land ,plenty of us are urban /have "normal"jobs etc but i recon we all know home made jam is better than industrial jam Laughing ,for instance i have cows as part of a shared herd ,we are breeding them on my friends land with their care and expertise .some folk have done "raise you a pig "schemes etc .the arts and crafts posse on ds are as diverse as the farmer growers and outdoorsy types ,some of the things i have learnt here are rare skills

hope you find things of interest here ,we are a bit odd but friendly ,as a virtual village D S seems rather a nice place to me
Nicky Colour it green


Hello from Wales...I think dpak has described us well but what I like about the Ds also, is that It is a virtual Village, but one that gets to be Real everynow and then, we have gatherings where everyone can meet and make friends, where Skills are shared ,feasts and Real tea and Yummy cake are actually eaten...and we have some very good cake makers here...Some strong friendships,even relationships, have been made because of watch out Laughing

Hi Alex and welcome.
Liz in Ireland

Dia duit hello2

Hello there Alex, from the Peaks in Derbyshire Smile

Hello there Smile

Hi Alex!
We can be newcomers together...
I have just been sizing up my ceiling cavity to grow mushrooms in (No joke, the temp monitor is in there as I type). So even in a small flat it can be done Smile And if everyone we knew had a garden with a glut of corgettes at the same time - then what would we do with them? Very Happy
My favourite bed time reading is John Seymour's Complete book of Self Sufficiency... makes for happy dreams.
kate s

Belated greetings fom Greater Manchester/Cheshire hello2
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