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Hi everyone from Lancashire

Hi all,

I am a retired lecturer (female), married, with two dogs, two cats, five chickens (two ex batts and three black rocks) and numerous fish in the pond. I grow as much of my own veg as I can (container gardening). Looking to become as self-sufficient as possible food-wise (we are veggie but eat lots of eggs).

I belong to two other sites in the UK - both self-sufficiency type of sites (am a moderator for one of them - and the boss of that site is also a member here) and to Backyard Chickens in the USA. My main interest is in food production and of course my lovely feathered girls.

Looking forward to gaining lots of knowledge and hopefully being able to contribute worthwhile posts of my own once I have my feet under the table and learn my way around.

I am using the same username here as on other sites so some of you may know me.

Welcome aboard. Very Happy

wave from a currently sunny Somerset! Lots to educate, amuse and infuriate you on here...

Welcome from an overcast & very un-sunny SWF

Hello and welcome. Smile

Hello Wolfie, welcome from Asturias... Very Happy
oldish chris

Hiya Wolfie,

I live about as far north as Lancashire.

My allotment is almost in Lancashire, 40 years ago, it was. Remember chatting to a bloke a couple of years back, we both cultivated a bit of Lancashire. He was in the far east of the county, had a farm, some 1,400ft above sea level. I cultivate on the far west of Lancashire: I have an allotment, a few feet above sea level.

How far up are you?

I however am very much in Lancashire, right on the coast - Welcome to the forum
Nicky Colour it green

welcome Smile

Hi guys

I am close but north of Blackpool, about 6 mins walk from the beach
Rob R

Hi from the right side of the Pennines Wink

Hi from the right side of the Pennines Wink

Only if you're looking north. Yorkshire's on the left if you're standing in Cumbria and looking at it.
Mistress Rose

It's on the left hand side going up where I come from too. Welcome.
oldish chris

Hi from the right side of the Pennines Wink
I assumed that by "right" he means "correct", but being neutral, I let it pass. gz

I'm a hundred miles or so further up on the left Cool

Welcome! I live in Cheshire now but I'm originally from along the coast in Lancashire, just south of Blackpool.
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