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Neil B

Hi From Camborne

Hi there.

My name is Neil and I way down in the South West in Camborne, Cornwall. I was directed here by a member of a homebrew site that I am a regular on after posting a topic on looking to air drying my own pork legs.

I joined a couple of days ago, but have since been trawling through the boards trying to soak up as much info as possible. What a great site this seems to be. I have noticed that a lot of the family on here are virtually self sufficient, and I take my hat off to them for that.

Anyway, thats me for now. I hope I will get to know you all in the future, as no doubt I will have plenty of questions.

Cheers Neil

Welcome aboard. Very Happy

not too far from me.

and i'm writing my dissertation on some of the political history of your neck of the woods
Nell Merionwen

welcome again hello2
I'm not so sure that many of us are self sufficient but I do think most of us would love to be.
Personally I dream of having more land, more animals and a polytunnel Razz

Hello Neil, welcome in! thumbright
Nicky Colour it green

welcome Smile

Welcome neighbour.


hello Neil.
Im in Wadebridge.
I work pt for the Rural Business school. If you have a holding number (or even if you dont) have a look on the RBS website for some interesting upcoming events.

On the 25th April there is a porkbutchery/sausagemaking event.

Hello from west wales. hello2

Hello from Wales,..with happy memories of living in Cambourne High Street and Brea Village...friends near St Day were self sufficient when I lived there over thirty years ago...have never managed it myself but do my best. Very Happy
Liz in Ireland

Dia duit - raised in Penzance, now in Ireland hello2

Hi Neil - welcome from Asturias... Very Happy

hi there

you have stunning forage for plant and sealife round your patch

welcome to the village

Hello from SW Michigan Very Happy

welcome Daffodil wave

you can start a new post of your own here in the welcome part, and tell us about yourself, we always love to hear from new members Smile

Hi to Neil and Daffodil from still-soggy Somerset!

Lots of info, advice and opinions on here, not all of it conflicting Laughing
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