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hi new chap from Coventry

hi all

im Andy from Coventry

im big into hunting and i live on fresh game and venison and over the years pick up a little on foraging but im starting to get very frustrated seeing all the mushrooms on the ground and not having a clue about them

i joined here to get more help on the id before i eat something that could be my last supper ..

if there is anyone local it would be grate to have a walk....

this week to try rose hip syrup

many thanks

Hi Andy - welcome Very Happy

Morning Andy, welcome in to DS thumbup
Nicky Colour it green

welcome Smile

Hello and welcome. Smile

thank you all

i found a shaggy ink cap yesterday and also boletus i think ?? didnt pick as not 100%

Hello! wave
Green Rosie

Bonjour from France - Rosehip syrup is wonderful stuff - I swear by it to get rid of colds Very Happy

i hear its very high in vitamin c defo a cold killer lol... thanks

hi there
rose hip ace but sieve and sieve again through muslin to remove the irritant hairs

pressure cooker is ideal type of cooking for rhs

re shrooms get a couple of good field guides and start practicing id before thinking of gathering ,phillips/jordan are v useful but the river cottage shroom book is a good investment as well.

the best way with shrooms is personal tuition over many seasons but starting by book/look learning the terms for structures,family characteristics,variations due to location weather and age within a species is possible and essential to survival if foraging .

it is safer to start with the absolutely recognisable such as chicken of the woods and families where the toxic are easy to id such as the boletes.

after 30 odd years i still wont eat some i "know"to be safe as they are quite easy to mistake for rather horrid ones without spore prints /microscope id of spores etc and i dont need that sort of tension in a nice sauce.
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