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Hip hung beef?

Our local butcher is selling beef that it proudly states has been 'Hip hung', the advert in the paper says that this method of hanging produces meat that is more tender and flavoursome. I've never heard of this term before and was wondering if anyone knew whether it differs from normal hanging and how it's supposed to improve the quality of beef... or indeed if it is just some kind of gimmick that sounds good on paper?

I can't see how it would make any odds. It's not some cunning acronym hiding the fact that they're wet-ageing rather than dry-ageing is it?

beef looking cool and hip

not just a fad but a selling technique that actually gets a better price for beef ,,, Surprised dont fancy being electrically stimulated tho Surprised
Rob R

It's something that most commercial (ie supermarket) abattoirs have been doing for years now. The idea is that which traditional hock hung the weight is being transferred through the hind leg bone & muscles making the hind quarter meat tougher, whereas hip hung is directly acting upon on the main skeletal frame (the back bone) givng better support for the meat to 'hang' off the bone rather than the muscle.

As far as my own thoughts on this go, it is not going to make that much difference to the flavour or texture of the meat, as this is developed through life, a period of 12 - 30 months, not in the few days/weeks of hanging.

Thanks for the answers, it's always good to find out what something is before buying it. Hip hanging sounded a bit like giving a cow a wedgie!
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