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hiring out equipment - what would you pay?

we've just purchased a table top chilled serve over counter for our first food fair. We'd like to hire it out for similar events, markets etc. If you were looking to hire one, what sort of price would be reasonable for 24/48 hours including delivery and collection?
has anyone hired something similar in the past - what did the hire co do by way of deposit etc?
ta x
Rob R

Unfortunately I have no idea but did you look at hiring one before purchasing? Or did the option of hiring one not exist? If not perhaps there is a reason for that and it is more trouble than it is worth hiring it out. dontknow

Perhaps a photo or some sizes/dimensions might help the discussion though.

Hiya - thanks, we did look but only one or two companies do them at about 75-100 for large ones. this one is 1300mm long x 700mm wide and 600m tall, so fits nicely in the boot of an estate car.
looks like this but doesnt have trays inside
welsh veg grower

i help run a food festival and we hire firdges in for those who dont have them from a firm who deliver them to the event in a big traller they usually deliver 4-5 freezers and 7 or so fridges of various sizes, I know they are not cheap about 70 - 100 a day including delivery and they must come with electirc certificates. I guess when they get a bulk order for a 1-2 day event it makes it worth while

As a rule of thumb for hiring out lighting kit, the price for one week is 10% of the purchase cost. Dunno if that helps, but it's somewhere to start.

Wont most demand be on the same days that you need it?

How badly will it affect your business if it gets damaged whilst on hire & cant be used for your next event whilst it is repaired?

thanks for suggestions, at the moment we are not planning to do much - first event in december and aiming at christmas/easter events, so would rather hire it out for farmer markets etc than let it gather dust whilst we build up. I intend to ask for a refundable deposit to cover damage, but otherwise was thinking 50 a day or 75 for friday pm to sun pm. will get it PAT tested or similar regularly and check insurance position. we have other items such as a stock trailer and doppler scanner so the long term idea is that we offer equipment rental/services for smallholders.
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