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wellington womble

Hob only cooking

We are roughing it in the caravan on our own with no electric hook up (shock! Horror!) for some of this summer. Anyone got good ideas for everyday main meals on a two ring hob when it's too wet (or if I CBA) to barbeque?

My current list is macaroni cheese, sausage and mash, Spag Bol, Meat balls, Steak and new potatoes (no chips!). Our home staples of oven-cooked baked potatoes, pizza and baked fish or chicken in breadcrumbs are off. Breakfast and lunch are not a problem, just main means for a child with slightly odd tastes.

Usually we go en masse, and cook communally so we have more capacity. Or I take the halogen oven, which is what I mostly oven cook in at home, so imposing for more ideas this time.
Rob R

We're hobless at the moment - trying to work out meals that can be cooked with either a slow cooker, microwave and/or airfrier is 'interesting'. I remember hob only cooking from a few years ago though and it was amazing what could be done with a large, heavy pot used as an oven (so don't immediately dismiss the baked spuds or even bread).

We're hobless at the moment...

If you had said earlier, I have a spare electric hob, but I've left it in Sheffield.
Rob R

We're hobless at the moment...

If you had said earlier, I have a spare electric hob, but I've left it in Sheffield.

Thanks. We do have a hob (gas), we're just attempting to avoid fossil fuels for a bit while it's too hot for the woodburner.

Get hold of a copy of Nigel Slater's Real Fast Food. Shan

Omlettes, Spanish Tortilla, Flatbreads such as Piadina (once cooked, it can be stuffed with a multitude of bits and heated up in a frying pan - just fold it in half), courgette burgers, fritters, soups for the rainy horrible days. Bebo

Chilli con Carne, curry or good old fashioned stew if its a wet and miserable day. Lots of different stir-fry dishes you can make and if you cheat and buy ready done noodles they are one pot meals. I see you say no chips, which I assume means you don't want to mess about with deep frying, but you can do saute potatoes in a frying pan. Lots of fish is better just dusted in seasoned flour and shallow fried rather than deep frying or oven cooking (I'm thinking plaice particularly). Shan

Invest in some bamboo steaming baskets and you can do dim sum, sticky buns, steamed fish, veg, etc. dpack

a wide mouth flask or insulated jug are ace for rice etc just add boiling water and wait which leaves 2 rings on the hob for other things.

a dutch oven in a hay box will slow roast,bake,slow wet cook etc etc etc ,this rig is fuel efficient ,easy and ready for later after a busy day.

a wok is ace kit,get one with a lid and steamer basket units that fit inside .one ring several dishes in 20 mins.

a flat griddle with a very shallow lip is useful for many things ranging from flat breads to a fry up

the old fashioned hinged sandwich toaster that folds round a butty and goes on a hob(or fire) is a rather adaptable bit of kit and will make a reasonable (rather small)pizza if you pre heat it. wellington womble

Hmm. Plenty to think about. I have just been frying everything (unusual for me!) I don't want to buy kit, it's only for a couple of weeks this summer. I hope to trade up next year. The hob is a very old caravan one and only really does firece or off (I'm not complaining. It's miles better than the electric thing at home!) so slow cooking is not really possible! Small person claims not to like soup and is not really keen on stews anyway.

I have real fast food, but it's in storage. I'm going to try noodles and frying chicken nuggets. I'll leave the baked spuds though!

it's not so bad as I expected. I won't be hurrying to ebay the halogen oven, though.
wellington womble

It has just occurred to me that this time last year I was discussing camping in the Smart car, as we had no tow car, so things have clearly improved! Perhaps this time next year I will have something that is not looked at askance by other campers! Or has more working bits (my water pump, 12v electric, 240 volt electric, rear steadies and oven have failed. Even the gas lamp doesn't work, for goodness sake!) dpack

a few years ago on a rare campsite stay my "tent " was made of two very shabby small tents,rocks as pegs,with lots of gaffer tape and paracord and a tarp to hold it all together,it got scathing looks and the odd tut tut.

after a 100 mph cornish clifftop storm mine was one of three that was intact out of a hundred or so.most of em ran home as all their kit was either,destroyed, soaked or heading for france.i collected some nice bits from the wreckage while helping the site owners tidy up. Laughing

Back to one pot meals - rice based things, with lots of flavour, tomato, sausage, chicken, onion, chorizo all together or separately, stock with or without wine and let the whole lot simmer until the rice is cooked. One pot, one ring. Nicky Colour it green

cous cous and bulgar wheat are both good camping food - only need hot water pouring on them and let them stand whilst you sort the rest out. arvo

Use the oven in our kitchen Wink Or the Rising Sun!
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