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Home cake business....

I have been asked by my boss to make cakes for the farm shop.
I thought that I could eventually also have a market stall and maybe supply other small shops?

I am looking at doing my food hygiene course next month.

My kitchen needs redoing, so I want to update it with this in mind (as frugally as poss Rolling Eyes ) I have spoken to EHO who pointed me to the food standards agency website which is useful but leaning towards large business!

Has anybody got any experience, ideas, advice etc. etc. they can share

Thank You
Deluded from Devon x

I like this van for sale

Regular domestic kitchen, plus a handsink is all they really need. Temperature monitor for your fridge.

As Nick said.
I`ve just registered my place for the production of jams, pickles etc.

I like this van for sale

It may be pretty and well fitted, but it's an LDV Maxus, quite the worst vehicle I have had the misfortune to drive, so bad that the company I worked for actually got rid of it and bought me a new Transit.

I think that you might find that there's a difference in requirements when it comes to making cakes in your kitchen for sale direct to the public and selling to a shop for onward sale.
This certainly is the case when it comes to making jams and chutneys.
Sally Too

Chickem - that sounds a really exciting development for you! I'm sure it won't be too difficult to get your kitchen checked out and registered.

I'm guessing they wouldn't like dogs living in the kitchen (like ours) but can't help but think that cats would be worse! LOL

Chez has a cat.I think she just has to boot the cat out, and clean down all surfaces before production,using warm soapy water, followed by anti-bac spray
You will have to do your own cleaning schedule.& HACCP.

Yup, time management HACCUP, tell them you use paper towels (my EHO loves this), dettol spray before and after, seperate refrigerated storage for products.
And when transporting them for sale, you use transporting containers that can be sanitised.

Thanks for all the input ( please keep it coming Cool)
I have just booked my course on 12th June!
This is all quite exciting Embarassed Very Happy
Oooh and I've sorted out an accountant!!!! Laughing

No advice, but it does all sound very exciting Very Happy

get a good night's sleep before the course - I found it very LONG. The test at the end is common sense.

they may even give you a print out of a simple HACCUP plan.
If you get stuck, Ill email you a copy of mine (for selling eggs) and you can amend.

If you need help with haccp give me a shout, I did all Martin's before suzie went on the course and am happy to help.
For me it I found the haccp really hard until a little switch clicked in my head and then it became common sense and fairly easy so don't worry if you struggle at first, it will click and you will he fine

Talk to Rosie. Not quite the same set up but she's done this.


This may help if the link fairy could wave his magic wand.


This may help if the link fairy could wave his magic wand.

oooh thank you I shall have a looky after I come back from DD's guitar lesson Cool Very Happy

we've started planning the kitchen Cool Very Happy
Exciting Very Happy
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