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home kill

Been asked to do a home kill this weekend and I'm trying to find out legality of it all I plan on a 12 g shotgun and humanely kill a pig and 2 goats. It's for my own consumption and nothing sold it will be me and my family eating it. I've rang defra and they don't know so thought I'd ask for opinions and pointers to where I can find info. Cheer's in advance matty

try here

i think this should cover it .

as to using a 12g i would think that allowing for possible bounce and a nice soft backstop would be sensible .

defra should have been able to point you to the fsa site but they are defra

A 12 bore maybe a little over the top. A .410 magnum would be ample and less messy.

Only reason I'd be using a 12g is that I don't have access to a 410 legally so rather be above board and keep it as legal as possible . Not the we pon of choice but it's a case of only accessible to a 12g. As for defra they don't know. I rang them up earlier and they don't know for sure

12bore is better the 5 years in the clink.

Just out of curiosity and you don't have to answer this, if you're killing two goats and a pig for your own consumption at home, how come you say " I've been asked to do a home kill" ????

As someone who has killed pigs at home, take it from me that doing the killing is the easy part. After that, the hard work really starts. I'd pay the slaughter and butchery fee every time and you may be asked to account for what you've done with the waste bits such as bones etc. Burying it or sticking it in the bin definitely wont do.
Graham Hyde

Hi Misty.
You are going to have a long day processing 3 animals.
I can normally handle one pig and thats starting at around 6am.
I prefer to bleed the animals by opening an artery or vein in the neck, no fuss or much of a mess. I have stunned the pig before bleeding once but was not impressed by that method.
I hope the weather keeps cool for you, good luck.
Regards, Graham

Bodger no problem asking .you know me i word things wrong basically the people who own the animal's has said to me would I do a home kill to reduce some numbers of Animals on the property but has they don't want the meat in any form. Basically I think they got a couple that's boisterous. And wants them deaded. But arnt fat enough for slaughter house. So said if I want them I would have to cull them myself if I want the meat. I know one of the goat's has attacked him a few time's . iv culled before but had nothing to lose last time now I got loads to lose. My hygiene course I done last year covered all ground and flying game and couple people there were only doing the course as they were setting up with a few pig's so wanted to legally sell the pork as it's covered under the same species as wild boar which cert covers. Well am still in two minds atm whether to do so or not. Will need to look to see how much freezer space I got first.

Oh and as to the waste by product's I will either feed to my dog my ferrets or to local hunt kennels as it's only 10 pound to get rid of fallen livestock so il pay them a visit see if there skip is full first

Ok. So you're not doing a home kill at all, because it's not your animal. The owner needs to kill it himself, or use a licenced slaughterhouse.

Of course, if the animal was to become yours, it's fine. But I cannot see if there is a minimum time you must own the animal for it to be yours, if that makes sense.

I think, for the minimal cost involved, you'd be better off taking them to a slaughterhouse. Kill and cut for a 80kg pig was only 70 last week. For butchered meat, with zero hassle, it makes far more sense.

Eta: there was a proposal to allow a licenced slaughterman to come to you, also, but not sure if it got signed off, and either way, I guess you're not.
Ty Gwyn

Oh and as to the waste by product's I will either feed to my dog my ferrets or to local hunt kennels as it's only 10 pound to get rid of fallen livestock so il pay them a visit see if there skip is full first

How old are the goats and the pig?

Nick, I paid 35 quid for a kill and cut the other week.

Yeah, prices vary, but it's the only realistic place for me. You'll have to factor that in if you move this way. Wink
Rob R

The slaughterhouse will kill anything you take them, fat or not. There must be something dodgy going on, I'd be wary of eating them.
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