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Home made egg candler

This was made for me, but not by me. I will say no more on that, but I now have a good, effective egg candler. Made from bits from the Scrap Store saved up, a bit of industrial strength cardboard tube and a light bulb:

I thought it looked a bit industrial, so I yarn-bombed it Laughing Laughing Laughing - much better!


How wide is the diameter, Luath? Looks really good. I have a similar, shop-bought set-up that cost me 40.

Diameter of tube is 3 1/4 '', with the black plastic ends (that come on the end of big rolls of paper, etc) inset, which is what the egg rests on.
I was about to buy a Brinsea one on e-by at about 18.99 + P&P ( no cosy though Laughing )

The cosy is what sells it Laughing

Does it for me Laughing
Penny Outskirts

It looks a lot prettier, and more professional than my angle lamp in a box with a hole in it!

Lovely Smile

I just use a very bright cree LED torch.
Hold the lens by wrapping my little finger around it & cup around the egg with my forefinger & thumb to seal off the light.
Works a lot better than the purpose made halogen candler I own.
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