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Horrible Histories is Back!

This is genius

splendid ,historically accurate for context and detail.

they have got the psychopathic gangster was a bit of a nero when it came to music so even the singing n dancing fits his character.

born to rule is another that describes history as it is .

two out of three so far

bit of a theme

although they cover a variety of subjects there are some that they seem to avoid .
perhaps if it can be presented as slightly comic "history"they can get tv time which might be denied to a broader approach .

i wonder if they will ever have the bottle to take tredegar's hand and explore the 1930's palaces to see where crowley and hess fit into history or explore the tradition of bracken and murdoch in british life.

teach and queen anne dont get a fair hearing as the position taken about them is very much that of the german chap but the inheritance of a coup that led to 350 yrs of violence over the water and a pirate /slaver who didnt adapt to new masters and got taken out as a hindrance to the new world order are nowt to praise.
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