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Hotmail account

Something strange happened yesterday when we came to use our computer, when we typed in the password to open up a message appeared saying that C??? did not recognise this password, it was a small box on the screen nothing like the usual message you get if you put an incorrect password in.
Finally got computer running and we find that we can't access Hotmail at all, we use the outlook icon and all we get is the circle going round and round.
However if I go on my kindle its there and I receive and send no problem - has anyone any idea what has happened?


A screenshot would be helpful.

mine locked me out a while ago ,dont bother with the help lines or the online help.

eventually i got it back by getting it from an old bookmark ,then it went again after the month reset wait ,then grrrrrrrrrr etc .

i use gmail now but the hotmail works fine( as though it never got stroppy)

if you have a contacts list you can access just dump hotmail and set up a new email account ,quicker and less grrrrrrrr
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