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is anyone interested
is anyone interested in a building plot on the isle of lewis ,overlooking broadbay ,about half an acre ,there is lapsed planing for a 3 bedroom house ,and would be easy to get again ,we have the plans which would be part of the sale ,water ,mains sewage phone line ,and electric on site ,i would be looking for offers in reigon of 20.000 ,although any sensible offers will be looked at ,there is a derilict house on site ,could possibly put a mobile home on site while building a home or even long term living ,Tong area ,not far from stornoway ,so easy to get to shops or getting a job ,lovely large area ,with gorgous views,the site would need clearing so price is negotiable,there is also an aditional 1/2 an acre that is rented ,although it a large area without it ,this really is to good to be missed ,might be worth making an offer ,as it might be excepted and would make a dream location for someone ,there is a stove in the house a walmser can be used for peat wood or coal ,back boiler ,if intersted please pm for pictures ,plans of land area and house plans ,ideal small holding crofter starting place
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