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how difficult is it to create a simple website?or facebook ?

it needs to be able to

tell folk stuff both archived reports and ongoing updates

show pictures

offer products ,take orders ,take money,monitor dispatch etc

make itself known to searches

tis for a community orchard so mostly info but sales/fundraising is a useful component

a forum might be handy but could be via a link

and what is the likely cost if we had to pay somebody to do it?

Creating a facebook page is dead easy. You have to have a personal page to do it nowadays. There's nothing to stop you locking your personal page right down and never posting on it though. It's easy to give other people editing rights and so on too. Obviously there are some caveats about ownership etc if you go down the fb route.

S D suggested face book was perhaps the best option,large demographic with the option for folk to like or get other folk to see it,various options ,free and fairly simple to control who can read or post in various sections.

i think of it as satan's confessional box with the added bonus of being wired to a P A but i spose for maximum exposure at minimum expense/techy know how it might be the better option

for a start i recon we need editing rights for chair,treasurer and secretary in the public read only section (and an option for the public to give us money Laughing .i recon we have about half the money we need so far)

spose i need to bite the bullet and have a look at their t and c's

While Facebook clearly has its uses, it is pretty rubbish from many points of view: it restricts how you display your information and while it does allow input from users, it is vastly inferior to a forum like this one.

It is a good and easy starting point, but I'm surprised that none of our resident web gurus have mentioned places like wix, moonfruit or godaddy; either as places to have a look at or as places to avoid.
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