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How easy to convert an oil fired Rayburn to wood?

My MiL is getting rid of her oil fired rayburn. It was originally wood fired but she had it converted to oil. It has a back boiler etc.

She's apparently going to try to sell it but I've asked my husband to try to persuade her to give it to me Laughing

Could I convert it back to wood fired and would it need considerable 'plumbing' if I just wanted to use it for heat and some cooking and not bother with the back boiler?

Replace any fire bricks that might have been taken out, new grate & seal up the hole where the oil pipe went in.
Friends of mine just disconnected their boiler pipes cause the boiler was leaking & ran it dry & it seems fine no buckling or cracking a lot more heat to the room & better cooking temps.

I think it's quite easy - Pookie is doing hers; think they are doing most of it themselves.

You've got these guys near you, too. They seem to have a good reputation.
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