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How long to de-batterify ex bat eggs?!

We've just bought 4 ex-batts to augment our little flock of 5; they're separately housed atm so keeping the eggs separate too. When do you think I can start calling them 'free-range' eggs? They have the same amount of grass range/feed as the others.

Legally, it looks like instantly. I'd expect the yolks to not be quite as yellow to start with.

ETA: DEFRA state that for poultrymeat, a chicken must spend half it's life with outside access to be free range. But, I cannot see a definition for eggs.


ETA 2.

Scottish government guidance on what can be called free range.

Link 2.

A week or so on grass and good feed should work it's way through to the eggs.

Thanks both; Nick, it's for my own conscience, selling eggs to friends & neighbours - the deep yolks are of course a huge hit Smile Chez, that's what I would have guessed so that's what I'll go with - we'll be stockpiling eggs by then if we use all the ex-batt eggs ourselves!

It's always taken me about 3 weeks to a month before our yolks turn a lovely deep orange. Ours free range extensively as well.
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