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How Much Honey..............

How much honey have you managed to take off this year ? from our 2 nationals we have only taken 8 frames between them, to leave plenty to see them through the winter, very poor harvest this year.

We have just extracted this afternoon and now letting it settle before putting it in jars.

We still have about 6/8 combs to extract from the 2 top bars, they are sitting in a big closed bucket waiting to be squeezed, perhaps on my day off this week Rolling Eyes

there she flows

None at all this year.
Also the first year I'm feeding my bees for at least ten years.

None here - though there does seem to be lots of 'em.

Its not been disaster but nothing to brag about neither.
I've got about 1 1/2 to 2 full supers per hive.
On a positive note they've managed to store quite nice amount into brood box so that helps..though I'm preparing to feed them too...soon.. Rolling Eyes

None here.....
and feeding.

From 3 hives - 12 lbs in June, none later Sad OH is leaving all the honey for the winter, tho will prob divvy up the full frames between the hives as 2 of them have virtually none at the moment. Pretty miz really.
Colin & Jan

Think we had about 4 or 5 supers after the rape had finished. No late honey to take off although they should have enough to see them through the winter (fingers crossed).
Midland Spinner

Not a lot.

Enough to be doing a small food fair Saturday with a bit yet to bottle. All the remainder is Spring crop, mostly from a one week window and is part OSR). Summer crop almost a complete washout.

However, we do have a few hives and overall the crop was terrible.

Talking to a bee farmer on the phone yesterday (we're too small and will stay that way) - overall UK crop down 50%, some talking of being cleared out by the end of the year. Some places have been lucky but others have had very little.
tai haku

nowt here. probably could get a little off but not really feeling like it's worth the upset and then feeding them again.

Nothing off here this summer. Good stocks for the winter. One strong hive and one fairly weak. Fingers crossed.
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