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How much honey?

Just out of curiosity, how much honey might I get from a standard national super?

OH says after lifting it, about 25/30 lbs. I need to order jars.

I was given the following guide:-

1 x capped super = 3lbs
1 x capped brood = 5lbs

That seems pretty accurate for my bees.

Extract it, whilst it's settling in a plastic bucket weigh it on bathroom scales. Order jars. Smile
Or order a gross anyway because they are cheaper that way.

I have just bought some second hand kit from a chap who is emigrating and the best bit at the moment is the 55 jars that are included Smile

I've got honey jars coming out of my ears, I too was given loads ages ago, just need fresh lids as they do rust quite quickly even if they've not been used.

But I'd go with the 3lb / 5lb estimate unless you've been giving them extra space on the supers and then really fat ones can get upto 5lbs each.

I`ve ordered 100 jars. Laughing

Hardly anyone around here has honey. The weather has been so bad all summer.

No we haven't got anything worth extracting either
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