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How to roast pheasant

How long do you put a pheasant in the oven for, either whole or in pieces? And how hot should the oven be? I am going to receive two pheasants a week for the duration of the shooting season, so best do it right. Thank you!

About 1/2 hour in a hot oven. Put some bacon over their back to stop them drying out. If they are old take the breasts off and grill or casserole.

If they are old take the breasts off

Sounds a bit gruesome! Maybe I'm taking it too personally 'Wink'
Otherwise thanks, Jamanda

pheasant casserole

Its an easy bird to overdo-you can end up with a very shrivelled offering if you're not careful.
Here's a recipe that I've used many times:

2 pheasants will serve 4-6 people depending on what else you're serving it with.

1 tablespoon olive oil
250g salt pork, pancetta or bacon, in chunky pieces (or lardons)
250g small (i.e. pickling) onions or shallots
Plain flour, seasoned with salt and pepper
500ml red wine
500ml stock (chicken or veg!)
A couple of bay leaves and a sprig or two of thyme
4 celery sticks, cut into 3cm lengths
4 garlic cloves, bruised
4 tomatoes, skinned, deseeded and finely chopped or a generous squeeze of tomato puree
200g cooked/peeled chestnuts
250g button mushrooms
Salt and freshly ground black pepper

Split the pheasant(s) into 4 pieces (this can be a bit of a wrestling match).
In a flameproof casserole add the oil, bacon/lardons, onions; fry gently until browned.
Dust the pheasant pieces lightly with the seasoned flour, discarding any excess, and brown these next, turning them several times until coloured and crisp.
Add rest of ingredients except mushrooms (you want enough wine/stock to cover ingredients). Stir and simmer for 5 to 10 minutes.

With lid on either simmer gently on stove for 30-40 mins (stirring now and again) or for a similar length of time in oven at gas 4.
Add mushrooms 15 mins from end.

Thanks OtleyLad, I particularly like the stove top version as my oven is not an easy one to get hot.

The answer is slowly but quickly if the gamekeeper is in hot pursuit. Very Happy

Well Otleylad, I've used your recipe today - adapted it a bit to make it more Somersettish! Here is my (stovetop) version, and it was lovely.

1 pheasant, olive oil, 125g chopped onions, seasoned flour, 250ml cider, 125ml liquid, 1 bay leaf, thyme, 2 chopped garlic cloves, 1 large chopped cooking apple, salt, pepper.
Split pheasant(s) into 4 pieces. Fry onions, take from the pan. Dust pheasant lightly with the flour, discarding excess, and brown these until coloured and crisp. Then add the onions again, plus the rest of the ingredients . Stir and simmer for 5-10 mins. Cover and simmer gently on stove for 30-40 mins, stirring now and again - or for a similar length of time in oven at gas 4.

Thanks! Will try it in the oven next time.
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