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how very strange,canines and tunes can be rather disturbing

ki likes mali rock,camel music in general and mostly does not care about tunes

chomps just had a moment that leaves me wondering about several things

i had been having a conversation about nazi marching tunes being camp as a row of pink tents and decided an example was required

so youtube and find the SS-Division Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler march and fire up the tunes machine .

chomps was instantly attentive and animated in a way ive never seen him do before ,he caught the beat,gave a woof woof in perfect time where a vocal response would fit and then got quite "lively" in perfect time with the tune

he is wearing "dress uniform" Shocked Shocked Rolling Eyes

he is now getting an education from ice t Wink

very odd and trying to make sense of it would be a bit strange


it was the perfect timed woof woof that is most disturbing ,if i have adopted an old time nazi returned i recon he must be well confused by being called chomsky and living with me:lol:

he does still look very smart in the dress uniform though Laughing

Was he Daschund around the room?

My two won't let me play my harmonica without joining in.
It's very often Woody & Chip sing the blues.
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