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Hubbys new gun................

Here is his new air rifle, dont know much about them its a .22 compressed air thinghy Rolling Eyes

now he is waiting for pigeons, he is like a dog with two tails over it, he has had it zeroed in I had a little go its ever so light, he is going to see if the man in the gun shop can repair his other one dont really know whats up with it I dont understand these things Rolling Eyes

I've moved this to 'Shooting and Trapping for the Pot'. It looks very smart.

sorry Embarassed never thought but thats me all over dont think too much it hurts my head

It looks very practical.

Nice looking gun. So will that kill rabbits an larger fowl?

he said it will do rabbits with a head shot, we have been plagued with wood pigeons and grey squirrels this year, so its time to deal with them, whatever is culled we will eat, he would like to go rabbiting, but hes not found any where local to go, the fields that backs on to us is full of them but the owner dosent like the idea of them being killed Shocked

Looks a nice gun, keep the range close for head shots, squirrels are yum. Laughing

we have had squirrel a few times much to the disgust of friends Very Happy

I like to make squirrel au vin , which is delish, but the squirrels have got wind and all b*ggered off. If I drive up the road I see loads, I even hung a string of monkey nuts up to try and entice some Twisted Evil to no avail.

since the arrival of the new gun there has not been a pigeon or squirrel in sight Surprised yet every day there was loads we were plagued with them hence the new gun Rolling Eyes

BSA Rapid, deadly accurate little tools once you find the right pellet for them, more than capable of 40 yard bunnies if the nut behind the butt is capable.

I find the cocking cycle a little odd, but I guess you get used to it.

we are getting good shots with it, and its nice and light so even I can use use it with ease. Very Happy
john of wessex

I rather fancy a Lee-Enfield for a spot of vermin control...............

Suggestions for a possible location?

Nice little gun, I need to get hold of some wheat/bait to attract the pigeons away from the seedlings and into my sight lines Twisted Evil

John, depends which Lee-Enfield you're after.

Good luck getting anything other than a .22 (number Cool conditioned for vermin!

Of course, if your force allows it the Any Other Lawful Quarry condition means you can shoot bunnies with a full bore. I can head shoot them at 200 yards with the .243!
Mr O

.303 for me, but I am in another country.

Mr O, I shot a lot of .303 as a cadet, love the sporterised number 4's. I hate British firearms law!
john of wessex

I'm thinking of some riverbank vermin......................
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