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Hung out to dry.

The mud flats in Pwllheli harbour can be a nice little spot for an impromptu bit of bird watching when the tides out.
Angels of the North?


As I walked to the bus stop this morning, a juvenile cormorant flew overhead

That's an old country law sign. It quite often means shit on the shoulder. thumbup

I read somewhere about somebody having seen Cormorants doing this in pouring rain, casting doubt on the wing-drying theory. Don't know what the current thinking is.


lovely snaps

i should probably avoid posting recipes on many grounds especially as they all seem to start with catch, pluck and steep in milk for a day (cornish traditional is often very nice but puke_r )

cormorants are stylish i saw plenty sitting on the east pier railings at whitby recently and decided to watch them sit rather than make them laugh by trying to catch fish when they knew better.
Mistress Rose

We saw one at Edgebaston near Birmingham once when we were on the canals. They get everywhere..

I saw a pelican on the reservoir at Tring...
Mistress Rose

Now what you would expect to see on a British reservoir. These birds get everywhere! Very Happy
wellington womble

Too close to whipsnade! A friend who lived in Heath and Reach near Woburn had koalas and wallabies visiting. And (after a neighbours' bird of prey feeding accident) cicadas. It was positively tropical!

I'd heard about the wallabies but not the koalas (or the cicadas).
Mistress Rose

I think there are quite a lot of wallabies in the UK. They occasionally give motorists a scare by hopping out of the undergrowth. We have a big cat roaming the South Downs Way too. We think we have seen it in the woods, but not very recently. It seems to wander around looking for rabbits and things for food.
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