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Wood child

Hunting squirrels

I have heard recently a lot about hunting squirrels, and having never done so myself, wonder what the point is? Squirrels are mainly fur, so not much meat, and small targets. Also v. fast, crafty blighters. Has anyone here hunted squirrel?
Wood child

Hey, don't just vote! Tell me why! I still don't see how squirrels can be good quarry.

I believe that according to DEFRA they are classed as vermin , thats grey squirrels and NOT red ones

They are also edible although not a lot of meat on them


Yep.. they're vermin.

Damage the trees and eat my strawberrries... Evil or Very Mad
chicken feed

we shoot them if they come here, they cause too much damage.

they sell well at the local dead stock auction.

They are pests and can be shot but tricky to get. Also a bugger to skin and not much meat so we stick to rabbits....

although there were 3 squirrels in my game casserole last week - proving we do shoot them sometimes Wink

I always found them fairly easy to hit if you set up a baited ambush. The trick is to wait until Mr Tufty has just taken a gob full, at which point he'll sit up to take a look around. That's when to whack him with a head shot from an air rifle (or obliterate him with a shotgun, if you prefer lead with your food).

They're worth hunting because a) they are very destructive and b) they are delicious (if a little fiddly to skin).
Rob R

fiddly but tasty

Its easy to make too much of how hard they are to skin. Harder than a rabbit, but it isn't like its THAT hard.
Rob R

Incidentally, I didn't find skinning fiddly, just picking the bones out, compared to my usual cow deboning Laughing

OH spotted a crafty squirrel the other day in the garden: it had seen him walking down the garden armed and dangerous, and hid itself in the tree, by laying completely flat and outstretched along a branch. How clever is that - not only well camoflaged, but practically impossible to shoot as well.
Are all squirrels that crafty?

Does your bloke go out shooting squiggles and other assorted vermin then, Wildfoodie? Or is it just when they dare get too close to the house?

no, just squirrels in the garden on the grounds that they terrorise garden birdlife.
we caught a rat in the conservatory last winter in a live trap, which he shot as well, the dog was going ape, two of her most potent stimulants at the same time you can imagine the noise!
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