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husquvarna 338 xpt top handle chainsaw +14"bar sold

brand new but unboxed and with no accessories or chain.

i got this when i thought i was going to do the climbing ticket but my bad knee has put an end to that sort of thing .

the saw has not been fired up since i got it so is in "dealership" condition( ie as new),it has not been fueled and run so there should be no internal corrosion etc .the bar is new and has never been used .(i dont know where the chain or toolkit is).it turned over perfectly with an experimental pull and eyeballs as new.

this is a professional climbers/dismantlers saw

i thought i would offer it to ds folk first but it will be on ebay soon

as they are over 400 new i recon a bargain at 200.

Re: husquvarna 338 xpt top handle chainsaw +14"bar for

i recon a bargain at 200.

Sounds like it, but I never got on with the Husqvarna top-handle, though I expect by now that they have fixed the problem that annoyed me with it.

the dealership said this version had ironed out the problems.

i really like the big husky i have for ground based work and that was the last in the shop old version before they introduced problems to that model Laughing

tis sold to a good home thanks folks ,im pleased i dont have to worry about a stranger trying to use it as a hedge trimmer Cool
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