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hw77k wheirach

just got it back from tuner under 12 pounds so its legal and very smooth what a great gun with new titan spring and seal anyone suggest a good mid priced scope got a hawke scope on at the moment anyone out there with similar intrests fife scotland

the scope wont matter if you cant get a clean foliage free shot Embarassed
leupold are good

Get something like a 3-9x40 to start with.....avoid the very cheap 20mm scopes....and also anything too big, or heavy!. You already have a weighty beast


Practice, practice, practice until you can hit a penny consistantly @ 25 yards, then extend to 30 yards etc etc until you can no longer hit a penny....

Then set targets out at 5 yard intervals and work out where the point of impact is at different distances.....

Then ask the rabbits to sit at 5 yards intervals Wink


iron sights are reliable

dpack wrote:
iron sights are reliable

I agree and the ones that come with it arenīt bad at all. Itīs a good accurate rifle with matching ammunition.

Iron sights are reliable.......HOWEVER using one eye the diference in aiming at a rabbits brain and it's jaw is neglible.......with a heavy rifle, when your arms start getting a bit tired........I wouldn't take the risk.

Get a sensible scope and have the benefit of some magnification.

I personally wouldn't be comfortable taking the risk.

A rabbit is a living creature not a piece of paper.....

Missing by an inch to the side doesn't affect your score, it affects the rabbit.

Treat your quarry with respect.

You are free to disagree with me....I hope you won't.


I do quite a bit of gallery rifle shooting and find a peep sight is as accurate out to 25 yards as a scope. I won a bronze at Bisley at my first shoot in October using an iron peep sight, most other competitors were using scopes.

The advantage of a peep sight over standard iron sights is you only need to focus the fore sight and the target, as you're already looking (peeping) through the rear sight. Also, the rear sight is much further back so inherently more accurate.

I don't know of any that are made for air rifles though.

hw77 sight

thank you all Very Happy this is a great site for getting objective views on the hunting ethos i will and all ways will do my best to kill efficiently and effectivley and better than say a jackal eating its catch while its still standing if you are a meat eater or leather wearer can you be sure that your kill has been done with minimal distress to the animal as unlike the wee fluffy bunnie who has just ventured out for a feed and bang he or she is away I would rather be the bunnie than some chicken crammed into a shed . now to practice my aim cheers folks i agree pete

Vegplot, not dissing your abilities in any way.

However not something I would want to do without alot of practice, which I'm assuming you've done!

I take my hat off to your accuracy, way better than mine.

I'm thinking of this from more of a beginners viewpoint.

The FT boys who can shoot a sping rifle such as the HW77 @ 50 yards and retain incredible accuracy deserve every applause.

I just know with a 3-10x40 scope on my .22 CZ I can confidently hit a small target at 100 yards. I am attempting to improve this to hunting accuracy, howevre time constraints limit me to a comfortable 50ish yards.

With my S200 PCP air rifle 30-35 yards. At a pigeons brain!!

With the HW77k 25-30 yards. For rabbits.

Old-Chads-Orchard is a good site to drool at kit.
TBH I have always used Hawke scopes, and never had any issues with them, I currently have a MAP6 on my TX200HC and it is great. Don't see the point in sticking a Ģ300+ scope on a rifle you are hunting out to 35yrds when a Ģ100 one will perform the same.
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