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hybrd willow

Hi guys
Would like to hear from people who have planted hybrid willow windbreak/hedging. Are you pleased with it?
Would like to plant enough to make a 30ft hedge, but cant spend a lot. Location - pref Cornwall.

Willow doesn't cost a lot, any cutting (the larger the better, even 2-3m long) will take, just stick it in the ground. Just need to find someone local that has some...

Oh, indeed. Willow's like a weed. Lovely, but you can't stop it growing.

Thanks guys
So - Anyone in Cornwall got hybrid willows that I could have a few cuttings from?
Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

I have "Bowles Hybrid"
Its one of the hybrids used for short rotation coppice (SRC)

I live in N. Yorkshire, were the prefference is for this variety.

I got hold of mine by going for a walk near a large SRC plantation- a one foot whip of 1 yr old growth is all you need.

Most of the large plantations are still in experimental stage, so you can find all sorts of interesting info about how well each variety grows in your area (some hybrids grow better in different conditions). I get the feeling that Bowles Hybrid is a general all round tough cookie.
If you've had no luck finding any by summer, pm me & I'll trim a whip or two for you. They're best planted in January, but will root anytime of the year.

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James - your a treasure!

I will keep my eyes peeled, and if I dont get anywhere I'll be in touch. Thanks for the information.
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