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Hydrogen home fueling station

This is how I see the future direction going in terms of energy for personal transport.

I like the idea for transport uses, but for domestic purposes this bit seems a little odd:

The hydrogen home refuelling station works via an electrolyser which produces the gas from water and electricity.

An internal combustion generator converts the gas back into electricity to provide power for the home.

so you put electricity into the machine to make the gas, then the gas is burned and put through a generator to create electricity, which then feeds the home.

Idea why not feed electricity dirrectly into your home, and avoid turning it into gas, then back into electricty?

or am I missing something?

I think the problem it is trying to solve is the storage of electricity.
Storing electric in lead acid batteries is not very efficient.

With this system the electric could come from a PV solar panel or windmill or water turbine and would be making free hydrogen all day.

The hydrogen could be converted to electric when the house holder wanted it and not when the sun was shining or the wind was blowing

The idea sounds great but "loss" in the process makes it very inefficient.

scoop wrote:
The idea sounds great but "loss" in the process makes it very inefficient.

Indeed, but that may not matter too much. It would be uneconomic to use such a system where your energy supply is from fossil fuels i.e. the socket in your wall, that simply doesn't make sense. However, excess electricity you generate which you could currently sell back to the grid for a paltry sum can be 'invested' in your own hydrogen scheme to power your car, for instance. It's a bit like being able to make your own biodiesel but without having to grow and harvest crops or collect waste vegetable oil.

The exciting thing about this product is that it brings to the market place a technology that will, as far I see, be one of the saviours to our energy needs. For a lot of purposes it remains impracticable but that will change as we move towards a hydrogen economy.
It's a start in the right direction, a gradual move away from fossil fuels.
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