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I`ve got my bee suit.

From a company in Somerset called Buzz.
Full suit with fencing mask,made of good quality cotton cost me 56.
Ordered Tuesday, arrived this morning,well sized.

Hive is all put together,stand is made,just need some good weather and some bees.
Sally Too

Yay! So exciting....

Our 'smallest' colony has died Sad Pete checked last week as no activity detected in fine weather. Lots of activity from the other 2 so fingers crossed.

I've lost my bee's over winter - I went to check them last week and they'd all gone, suspect Nosema as there was plenty of stores but it's been so damp this winter they didn't stand a chance

I have got chance of a nuc later in the year but I've got to pluck up courage to go and deal with the dead hive

What a good price.

I have to find a badger proof place for my next lot of bees. I think in one of the old buildings. A rather good idea from one of my bee mentors.

Cab suggested using a flat roof. He had some daft ideas, but I thought this one might have merit.

Hmm,there is a flat roof that is a sun trap in the summer. Wonder if it would give enough protection from the wind in the winter. Thank you.

Live to serve.

Sorry to hear that Joanne. We're hearing of quite a lot of losses down this way - as expected. Certainly the clusters are often on the small side. Have you checked for Nosema. Easily done.

I will put a plug in for locally-adapted bees here. There is no way that imported queens can miraculously head colonies that can cope with all that our climate will chuck at them: climate change is real but still many choose not to believe Sad

Cathryn, have you had badger issues with the bees? There is a possibility we've had a young one chewing the insulation around a nuc and we have tracks straight through the main apiary but no damage (unlike what they've done in the past to chickens and their houses).
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