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i am calling from the computer company


bring bring (international call no number ,hoorah for decent phones)


i am calling etc about the fault

what fault

the one im calling about

what fault is that then?

the one im calling about ,have you noticed it?


i will help you with it

are you good at linux coding?

uh i will help you by talking you through it..

tell you what i will help you Mad


you know i recon if you put as much effort into getting a proper job you would earn far more money


a real job rather than a scam


ok talk me through my linux problem ,bear in mind i have added mil grade security to my system ..

uh click

i might have paraphrased some of that but it was quite funny ,i felt a bit sorry for the woman who had a basic grasp of english and was well out of her depth from the start so i didnt use the cleaners option which i save for those who might understand it.

the next one was a bit better at english and explained he was from windows ,i explained i dont use windows ,we both laughed a lot .

i do feel rather sorry for the grunts on that sort of call but i spose it shows that enough folk fall for even crude social engineering scams that they find it worth while.

I love these. I always tell them straight away that I'm a widower living in a large mansion and that it may take me some time to get to the computer. I then leave the phone in the kitchen. The longest the caller held on for was 15 minutes.


We could hold a competition to see who can keep them on the line for the longest...

My elderly Mother in Law was ripped off by these scum.
She paid them 130 and gave them her credit card details.
She also allowed them access to the computer. Mad

I was staying at my 93 year old Mothers a month or so ago and took one of these calls. Thankfully she doesn't have a computer and only has the broadband for the TV. Anyway, I strung the evil t0sser along for a while during which time he got quite threatening especially when I got bored and resorted to some old London expletives Laughing Laughing Laughing

They purposefully work upon the premise of being fairly easy to see through, as that helps to select the most appropriate mark. I'm surprised they bothered to stay on the line with you for any length of time after it became clear that you had some sense of how a computer works. They prey upon those unfamiliar with technology.
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