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wellington womble

I e run out of windowsills...

Will tomatoes and other half harries be ok in an unheated green house now?

possibly,if you have some biggish tubs to fill with water as a heat sink to keep the night temp up that will help.

They might sulk a bit if it gets cold at night.
Nicky Colour it green

my tomato seedlings have been in an unheated gh since they germinated out there
wellington womble

Hmm. I wondered how cold was cold. Then I saw it will be 2 degrees tonight. So I have retrieved the seedlings. Tomorrow I will pot on the brassicas and evict those to the greenhouse to make room!
Mistress Rose

I am bringing plants in at night still, but my tender ones haven't been outside yet.

I've had small tomato plants in the unheated polytunnel for best part of three weeks and they seem to be surviving OK.

Greenhouse - you could always cover with a layer of fleece if it gets chilly.

I have mine in a mini-greenhouse inside an unheated greenhouse and they always do nicely. Bubble wrap insulation helps too.
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