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I have no hot water ! Help ?

This may be the wrong section but I was wondering if anybody knew anything about hot water systems as I don't want to pay for a plumber !

I took a radiator off to do some decorating and when I put it back on, the system lost pressure (To refill) the rad and stopped. So I refilled the system and powered it back up and its all ok on the heating front but ever since then I have no hot water, as in when I turn my hot water taps on no water comes out ! I have a Vaillant Eco Tec Plus by the way.

I presume I have air somewhere in the system but I have no idea what to do, does anyone have any suggestions ? Do we have a downsizer plumber online ?


Silly question but have you checked the manual? No water could be due to a closed valve that shut when you drained the system and needs to be manually reopened? I'm no plumber.

This might sound daft but is the pilot light lit? I had to remove a rad one time, and the boiler apparently automatically turned the pilot light off to prevent damage (or something).

Got it !

Pilot light was on and the valves where in the same position that I started with. My problem was I have to turn two taps on to fill the rads and I turned them on in the wrong order, I was supposed to open the central heating system one first and then turn on the mains supply one next but I did it the other way round which put air in. I simply had to open all hot taps and then just turn the mains one on and it purged the air.

Problem solved, thanks for the suggestion anyway,

Jon. Very Happy
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