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I have no idea what I'm doing

Hello all
I find myself at the edge of civilization, with six acres of windswept machair to play with and I've never even had an allotment!
I have far too much respect for the rights of animals to keep them, other than rescued pets, so I'm left with hoping that I can sustain myself with whatever I can grow.
This whole exercise is probably one of those noble aspirations that will fall flat on it's face and I'll end up heading back South with my tail between my legs.
I blame the missus. (Wandablue)
In the meantime, I fully intend to stand on the shoulders of giants by trawling through these pages and gleaning as much wisdom as I can in order to prolong my stay here as it's a lovely part of the world.
Thank you in advance for your patience.

Welcome! wave

Welcome Smile
Liz in Ireland

Dia duit hello2
Penny Outskirts

Excellent, nice to see someone who likes a challenge Smile

Welcome to Downsizer

I keep offering to help, I appreciate all the time you have spent helping me get things moving, Help with the poly-tunnel cover, help with building the windbreak fence around the poly tunnel and veg garden (which I am currently de-turfing so it can be dug feed and rotivated ready for the spring).
I know that I have spent years growing veg and tending my poultry and bee's dreaming of this life so with all my practical experience I can be there for you as a friend should be. Your post speaks volumes to me as someone who is getting to know you and I hope I can be honest enough to say come round let's sit and chat about how to make it work for you on a shoe string. Being practical and realistic is what downsizing is all about.

Hello from Devon hello2

Welcome in! Listen to Nature's Grafter, several pairs of hands make a huge job (slightly) less daunting! Laughing

Hello! You seem very clear about what you want to do. Hope it goes well for you. I imagine it's going to keep you very fit.
nature's child


Don't even think about going back south. I'm sure we can figure out a way to make it work for you both.

As my other half said it's taken us years to get to this point so use our experience and knowledge and let us help you.

I'm home shortly and we'll get our heads together.

Hello and welcome !
I was just thinking - there's an awful lot of folk from Sanday on DS now !

(I thought quite a lot about moving there, about 10 years ago - it's lovely. I really fancied renovating Ortie. Someone should !)

Welcome Smile

Oh God, what a challenge!
Please accept all help you are offered - you have a very short growing season and to say the least "challenging conditions" where you are!


When help is offered grab it with both hands. And say thankyou! Laughing

Hi from Somerset.

We should do a meet-up in the frozen north one year Smile
Nicky Colour it green

welcome Smile

Hello, a challenge can be fun, enjoy

welcome, take any help that's offered....probably wouldn't be offered if they didn't want to & see you succeed.
Must confess I thought you said you had 6 acres of windswept "armchair"


Welcome! What you are doing sounds amazing. Hope you find a way to a make it work for you. It sounds as of you already have the skills.

Best of luck. Very Happy
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