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I love living in Bulgaria

Last night we gave the best 'meal out' party we have ever had.

It was Yan's 51 birthday, and we had four volunteers (two Americans two New Zealanders) staying with us. I asked a restuarant in town to reserve a big table for us in their quiet walled garden and then we phoned round some friends to meet us there. On arrival I ordered a variety of tradional Bulgarian salads and had them placed down the table. As people turned up, I ordered maybe 8 or 9 plates of various meats, all freshly cooked from the grill, and one of Yan's favourites, deep fried Bulgarian cheese, and people handed them round.

We had at the table a Bulgarian retired engineering professor and his wife and English teacher daughter, two local council workers who are wonderful folk singers, a New Zealander photographer and his geologist sister, sitting next to a Bulgarian orthodox priest who is also a professional photographer and his wife , a Bulgarian composer and his psychologist wife and small son, and two American musicians who are studying Bulgarian folk music. Plus us, that makes 16 people. Over four hours, with four bottles of wine, one bottle of rakia, some beer and a bottle of juice for the little boy, plus all the food which covered the table and which we couldn't finish, the total cost was 182 leva, we left a nice tip so that was 200 leva. That was 90 english pounds, just under 150 dollars. But the best thing was that all through the evening we had singing, guitar music (including a new composition) and violin playing, under a moon lit starry night that will remain in our minds for years to come. Four years here, and we have made so many good friends, and we sat there chatting (fairly) freely in both languages, sharing and having such good fun.

And after all that, the bastard birthday boy lost a pound in weight! I on the other hand have put his pound on....
Green Rosie

That sounds such fun - and Happy belated birthday to Yan Very Happy
Sally Too

Sounds like a lovely evening.... Smile

You also have better feta than the Greeks. Loving that shopski salad.

That sounds amazing. I don't know anything about Bulgaria, but it sounds like a great place Smile

Sounds like a good time was had all around! Smile
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